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You have identified your existing roof covering as:
Single Ply

The opinions expressed herein are based on our findings from our many years experience working in the field and are not intended to cause disrepute to any manufacturers or users of the materials mentioned.

Mostly synthetic, these roof types such as EPDM (Rubber), TPO, PVC (Plastic),  to name but a few, can be identified by their
"swimming pool liner" type appearance.
Installed as a single layer over the roof surface, they are usually soft underfoot (as insulation boards are usually installed first).

Finding the source of leaks can sometimes be difficult without the use of specialised equipment. (Dye Tests, Thermal Imaging, Electronic Leak Detection are usually required)

Commonly Found Problems
Although this type of roof covering system is usually awarded a lengthy guarantee period (25 years +) what we have found, is that unlike other roof types that start to deteriorate and wear after the expiration of their guarantee period, this type, in some instances, fails completely, with the roof surface going brittle and cracking, just as you would expect with most plastics or rubber left to the elements over extended periods of time.
It also has limited tolerance to temperature variants and can be found to ripple and sag as it expands and contracts with wall abutments being the worst affected.

There are 3 options available for any roof works

  • Remove & replace the existing
    (Guaranteed Systems) 100% cost
  • Refurbish the existing with a coating system
    (Guaranteed Systems) approx 30% cost
  • Temporarily repair the existing
    (Limited Guarantee) approx 10% cost

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